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Scatter Crystals for Weddings

Scatter crystals are small sparkling gems that are commonly used at weddings as table decorations. They can be sprinkled around on each table to add sparkle to your wedding and make it look elegant. Scatter crystals are also known as table gems or diamonds. They are beautiful decorations that can be used at any wedding. They can be used for many more things other than being used for table decorations. Scatter crystals can be used around the venue. They can also be used in wedding invitations and wedding favours for an extra finishing touch. They can also be used with table mirrors so the light can reflect around the wedding venue and make the whole room sparkle. You can also use these glittering gems with wedding table confetti. Scatter crystals can also be used at dinner parties and to decorate tables at other formal occasions.

pink, purple, black, blue, green wedding scatter crystals table decorations

These gems decorate your wedding venue beautifully.

We sell a range of beautiful wedding scatter crystals at Splendiferous. We have 13 different colours, including clear, black, pinks, purples and blues, each in four different sizes. By having a range of many different colours and sizes of crystals, you can match your colour scheme. You can mix and match colours and sizes for an extra effect at your wedding.

We also sell flat back crystals in the same 13 colours, and in three different sizes. Flat back crystals can also be used as wedding table decorations, but they too have many other uses. Flat back gems can easily be glued to items because of their flat back surface. These can be used to embellish wedding stationery such as wedding invitations, table plans, and place cards, as well as decorating clothing, shoes, scrap books and photo albums. These crystals aren’t just for weddings. They can be used for other general craft projects as well.

Whatever wedding theme you have chosen, add some of these scatter crystals for a truly stunning effect.

Have a look at our range of wedding scatter crystals here at Splendiferous.

Wedding Invitations

Weddings can be expensive by the time you’ve added up the cost of all your wedding essentials such as the venue, outfits, venue and table decorations etc. Planning for your big day can take a lot of time. That why we have designed a free online wedding invitation tool which allows you to choose from our invitation designs and edit them easily by putting in your own wedding details, with no costs involved what-so-ever to make your wedding planning a little bit easier.

You can just add the names of who is getting married, the date, time, venue, and add any R.S.V.P details and add extra text if you wish to. You can change the colour of font to whatever you like to match it with the theme of your wedding. Once you have changed and customised your online wedding invitations, you can preview it to see what it looks like to make sure that you are happy with it. You can then email it out to all of your wedding guests. You can do this by simply inputting all of their email addresses, or you might want to print them off instead and send them to your wedding guests.

free wedding invitations tool

A preview of our free e-online wedding invitation tool

To make your own e-wedding invitations for free, just sign up for an account and then you can start designing your wedding invitations straight away. This is a quick, easy and free way of inviting people to your wedding. Online wedding invitations are becoming more popular due to the fact they are easier and quicker. By using our wedding invitation tool, you can save yourself time and money and create the invitations the way that you want to.

We also have a range of save the date cards in case you haven’t got round to finalising the wedding yet, or if you aren’t getting married soon. Our range of save the date cards and wedding invitations are all free for you to customise and send to your wedding guests. Our range of invitations and card are always growing.

To personalise your e- wedding invitations online for free, click here to sign up for an account and start designing them today at Splendiferous.

Wedding Organza Bags

Organza is a smooth sheer material that has many uses. One use of this material is for organza bags which are commonly used at weddings and parties. At Splendiferous, we sell a range of organza bags is four different sizes, each in 15 different colours.

organza favour bag, wedding organza bags

Our colour range of organza favour bags.

Organza bags can be used as favour bags and party bags. Each guest at your wedding can receive a organza favour bag which is usually filled with small gifts and goodies, such as confectionery, jewellery, soap or other gifts. Traditionally, sugared almonds are used as wedding favours for your guests, but many other favours can be used. You can even hand make your own wedding favours for each of your guests. Weding favours are a way of saying thank each of your guests for joining you on your wedding day. They also decorate your wedding tables as they can come in many different colours. You can get organza favour bags which match your wedding colour scheme. There are 15 colours to choose from so you can find a colour that matches the rest of your wedding. You can also choose what size bags you want, depending on what favours you are giving to your guests.

Organza bags can also be used at weddings by flower girls. They can use these small bags to fill with confetti and then sprinkle it down the aisle. Guests can also use these bags to store confetti in, which they can then throw over the happy couple.

Another use of organza favour bags could be to give gifts to the bridal party in. You might want to give bridesmaids, pageboys, and other members of the bridal party gifts, and you can do so by putting them in an organza bag. They aren’t just practical, but they look pretty as well.

You can also use organza bags around your house for storing things in.

Have a look at our range of organza bags here at Splendiferous.

Mens Wedding Cravats

At Splendiferous, we have a large range of mens wedding cravats in a variety of colours. We sell pre-tied mens wedding cravats to make it easier. These are made with a hook to do up, and you can adjust the length of it to fit you properly around your neck.

Mens wedding cravats sets

A variety of mens wedding cravats sets with matching cufflinks and pocket squares.

Our mens wedding cravats are available in 27 different colours. They are made from silky satin fabric. We sell matching coloured boys cravats as well if you have children within the bridal party and you want them all to have matching cravats. The childrens cravats are made smaller to fit better, so you don’t have to worry about them being too big.

We also sell cufflinks and handkerchiefs / pocket squares in the same colour as the mens wedding cravats to match. If you want to buy cravats, cufflinks and handkerchiefs, then we sell sets so you can buy them altogether. Take a look at our mens wedding cravat sets here.

Some of our colours include ivory, white, coral, black, cadburys purple, royal blue, pink, green and lilac mens wedding cravats. We have a wide variety so you should find a wedding cravat that fits in with the rest of your colour scheme.

Cravats are traditionally worn at weddings. They can be worn by the groom, the best man, ushers, pageboys, and fathers of the bride and groom, and any other men in the bridal party. They can also be worn by guests at weddings too!

Have a look at our variety of pre-tied mens wedding cravats here from Splendiferous Weddings.

Wedding Ties

Finding matching outfits for all of the men in the bridal party can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you need to find outfits for children. At Splendiferous, we sell a wide variety of neck ties with smaller variations for children.

We have a range of neck ties for weddings. We sell standard wedding ties, thinner skinny ties,

mens wedding ties

A range of skinny mens ties

children’s wedding ties, and baby / infant wedding ties in silky satin material, all in matching colours. The children’s and the babies ties are pre-tied with elasticated neck straps to make it easier to put on. They are made smaller to fit children, toddlers and infants better. These neckties can be worn for any occasion, not just for weddings.

We sell a range of woven ties which are very high quality ties. These have matching woven coloured cufflinks with them. These woven ties are also great for other formal occasions.

If you want bow ties for your wedding, then we also sell matching men and boys pre-tied bow ties. These are finished to a high quality from silky satin material, and they are available in 17 different colours. The boys bows ties are made smaller to fit children better.

Cravats are traditionally worn at weddings. If you want a cravat for your wedding, we also sell matching boys and men’s pre-tied cravats. These are made of silky satin and are perfect for weddings. They come in a variety of colours. We sell matching coloured cufflinks and hankies as well if you want some extra accessories.

embroidered wedding ties

Mens embroidered wedding ties

We also sell nine different colours of embroidered wedding ties. These are lovely high quality ties with an embroidered pattern on them. These are perfect ties for weddings.

Have a look at our wide range of wedding ties here at Splendiferous.

Wedding Table Decorations

Wedding table decorations are a great way to add decoration and add interest to a wedding reception. There are many different wedding table decorations that you can choose from including wedding birdcages, table centrepieces, place card holders, scatter crystals, petals, flowers and favours.

As wedding specialists, we supply a range of wedding table decorations. To create beautiful wedding tables, you might want to have a centrepiece. Birdcages, flower arrangements, candelabras, mirror vases, plate mirrors and wishing trees are some of the wedding centrepieces that we can supply.

We also have have smaller wedding table decorations that you can add for finishing touches, such as scatter crystals. We sell a variety of colours and sizes. Sprinkle some of these on each of your wedding tables and around the venue to add some extra sparkle. If you don’t want to add table crystals, then you can use artificial petals instead. Tabletop confetti comes in petal shapes or heart shapes. These can also be used by flower girls to throw down the aisle, or by guests as throwing confetti.

place card holders uk, wedding table decorations

Wedding place card and number holders.

Another table decoration that you might want to have, are place card holders. These can be placed on each table to hold place cards and table numbers so that your guests know where they will be sitting. Some place card holders can also be given to guests as wedding favours. We sell bride and groom place card holders, and heart and rose holders which can be used as a photo holder for your guests to take home after the wedding as a favour. We also sell carriage photo frames which can be used for favours as well as a name card holder so your guests know where they need to sit.

We will sell many other different favours for guests such as candles, bride and groom boxes, cheap organza favour bags, favour boxes, and confectionery to fill them with. Weddings favours sit on your wedding tables at each place for your guests. They are great way to thank for guests for being a part of your big day.

Have a look at our range of wedding table decorations and favours, all at an affordable price.

Wedding Specialists

wedding specialists logo
Splendiferous Weddings is a online wedding specialist website, supplying you with everything you need for your big day including wedding dresses, spandex chair covers, table decorations, and hen and stag party items.

We know that planning a wedding or an event can be stressful, which is why we supply you with everything you need all in one place. All of our products are finished to a high quality but they are affordable, meaning you won’t have to go over your budget to get the dream wedding that you want.

We have a huge varied range of beautiful items that you and your wedding guests are sure to love. We have many different colours of products so there is something to match every wedding colour scheme. We have a Shop by Colour feature on our website, so if you are shopping for a specific colour scheme then you can easily do so. We also have products to suit different wedding themes such as a vintage, fairytale or modern themed weddings.

As wedding specialists, we know that it isn’t just the happy couple that can get stressed when planning a wedding. The bridal party will need outfits as well, which is why we supply a range of men and boys wedding cravats, bow ties, ties and cufflinks. We also sell a range of gifts that are perfect for the bridal party, or wedding gifts for the happy couple. Cake knife sets, photo frames and photo albums are just some wedding gift ideas that you could give to the happy couple.

We are also a wholesale wedding specialist site. If you own a wedding or an event business, then why not sign up for one of our trade accounts which is made specially for wholesale buyers. If you need a new supplier, have a look at deals we can offer when buying frequently or when buying in bulk. If you are a wedding or event planner looking for a new supplier of spandex chair covers, table centrepieces, or spectacular statue event decorations, then sign up to a trade account to find what you have been missing out on.

Have a look at our wedding specialist shop here, to find everything you need for a wedding, all in one place.

Wedding Cake Decoration

Wedding cakes are a big part of every wedding reception, and cutting the cake is always a time when many photos will be taken. Make the moment even more special with some of our splendiferous wedding cake decorations. We have a range of wedding cake toppers that will make your wedding cake stand out and look amazing. Our wedding cake toppers can be used whether you’re having a traditional tiered wedding cake, or they can be placed on top of a tower of cupcakes.

wedding cake topper decorations

Have a look at our range of cake toppers. They make great wedding cake decorations.

We have a range of wedding cake toppers with something for everyone. We supply funny novelty cake topper, funny cake toppers and romantic cake toppers which make perfect wedding cake decorations. Take a look at our range of cake toppers here. Our cake toppers are cheap; they start from just £10.99

We will also soon be selling cake stands, cake knives, and cake boxes so your guests can take a slice of cake home with them. Wedding cake knives are also a great wedding gift that you can give to the happy couple. You could also get them engraved elsewhere and they can make great wedding keepsakes.

cheap 25mm satin ribbon wedding cake decoration

Variety of colours of satin ribbon which can be used around wedding cakes.

We also sell satin ribbon which can be used as a wedding cake decoration. Simply wrap a piece of ribbon around each tier of you wedding cake for some extra decoration. We sell many different colours and sizes of cheap satin ribbon starting at 3mm widths to 38mm wide satin ribbon. We supply satin ribbon in 25 or 100 yard reels.

Whatever type of wedding cake you have, make sure you take a look at our range of wedding cake decorations to make cutting the wedding cake a picture perfect moment. Decorating wedding cakes doesn’t have to be expensive. Even small decorations such as cake toppers can make a big difference.

Spandex Wedding Chair Covers

Spandex wedding chair covers are a cheap and easy way of transforming any plain wedding or event venue into something that looks fantastic. Spandex chair covers are stretchy which means that they will fit a wide range of banquet chairs. We have nine different colours of spandex wedding chair covers including white, black, ivory, royal blue, red, purple, pink, metallic gold and metallic silver covers, so there will be something for every wedding colour scheme.

white, black, ivory, pink, blue banquet chair covers

Our splendid range of coloured spandex chair covers.

Our range of spandex chair covers are all high quality chair covers that are 240gsm. The high quality of our chair covers are not reflected in the price. Our chair covers start at £2.99 each, and get cheaper per item as you buy bigger pack sizes. This means that you can buy spandex wedding chair covers without having to spend a fortune and go over your budget. We also sell wholesale spandex chair covers if you are buying them in bulk. All of our spandex wedding chair covers have reinforced feet pockets to keep them securely in place which will stop them from falling off of banquet chairs.

We sell different pack sizes, so whether you have a small wedding reception with 10 people, or a huge event with hundreds of people, we will be able to supply you with spandex chair covers.

metallic gold and metallic silver chair covers

Our Collection of metallic chair covers

Spandex chair covers can be used on their own or you can add organza bows for extra decoration. They are simple yet elegant decorations that can be added to the back of each chair cover to colour coordinate with your wedding colour scheme. We will be supplying these soon.

We make event planning easier, as we sell everything that you need for a wedding or event, all in one place.

Wedding Birdcages

At Splendiferous Weddings, we sell wedding bird cages that make great wedding reception decorations and table decorations. These are popular centrepieces at weddings, especially if you are having a vintage themed wedding.

Bird cages can be filled with flowers bouquets, flower arrangements, petals and candles and then placed on each wedding table for a beautiful centerpiece that your guest will love. You can also use them around the venue of your wedding reception. Bird cages can also be used as a receiving box or a card holder as a place for guests to leave cards and messages for the happy couple.

We have two different styles of wedding birdcages. One birdcage design has small flowers around the outside of the birdcage. The other birdcage has cut out decorative bands in a shabby chic style. You can even decorate the birdcages yourself with ribbon and make it fit with your wedding theme perfectly.

Have a look at our range of wedding birdcages here.

decorative wedding birdcages

Shabby Chic Decorative Bird Cages

white butterfly birdcages centrepieces

White Butterfly Bird Cages for table centres








Birdcages are also a great decoration for wedding planners to have to hire our to their clients as they are very popular. If you own a wedding business and would be interested in bulk buying and wholesale prices then sign up for a Splendiferous Trade Account.