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Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers can take up a lot of your budget. Most weddings use flowers for bouquets and for table decorations and venue decorations. We sell a range of artificial flower that you can use for your wedding to decorate your wedding reception. These are more affordable than fresh flowers, and you can keep them after the wedding as they are made of fabric. Wedding flowers can be kept as keepsakes and used around your house after your big day. This way you can get wedding flowers on a budget.

These flowers can be used as a table centrepiece. By placing one or a few of our artificial wedding flowers arrangements on each of your tables, your will create a beautiful atmosphere and feeling, transform the look of your venue. These can also be used for decorating events as well as weddings.

artificial wedding flowers, keepsakesOur range of artificial wedding flowers are made up of high quality roses. They all have two colours of flowers, and include popular wedding colours such as ivory and cadburys purple, white and pink, white and cornflower blue. These are round flower centrepieces that are decorated with green leaves. They will look stunning at your wedding.

We will also be selling a different type of wedding flower arrangements which hang down over the sides. These will look great when used around your wedding venue. They can be used by the entrance of the venue or along the aisle when you get married.

Our collection of artificial wedding flowers are coming very soon. Have a look here at Splendiferous to take a look at our flowers.

Men’s Wedding Cufflinks

Cufflinks are formal suit accessories that are often worn at weddings, christening, parties, for work and for other special occasions. At Splendiferous, we sell two different types of men’s lovely cufflinks. We sell woven and silky satin fabric cufflinks. Cuff-links are an easy way to accessorise any suit, and they are a great finishing touch for your wedding day. Find a colour that will match with the rest of your outfit, or your wedding colour scheme.

black, ivory, blue, mens woven wedding cufflinks,

Men’s high quality woven cuff-links for weddings and other formal occasions

Our range of woven wedding cufflinks come in 30 various colours. They are round cuff-links with a fabric centre. The outside of them is silver coloured metal. The 30 colours of men’s cufflinks colour-match with our collection of men’s woven ties. This means that you can buy a high quality woven tie and cufflinks for men to match.

Our silky satin cuff links are similar, apart from they are not woven. They come in 27 colours. These cufflinks match our range of men and boys cravats, handkerchief pocket squares and most of our men’s and boy’s neck ties.

Our collection of wedding cufflinks can be worn by the groom, any man in the bridal party, and guests. You might even want to buy your best man a set of woven cuff links and a tie as a present. We will soon be selling special cuff links to use as wedding gifts such as best man cufflinks, and cufflinks for ushers, page boys, the father of the bride and for the father of the groom.We also sell cufflink boxes. When you buy these cufflinks at the moment, they will not come in a box. You might want to buy a cuff link box for storing your cuff-links, or if you are giving them as a gift to someone. We have two different designs of cuff link boxes; a plain black cufflink box and a velvet effect cuff link box.

Have a look at our range of men’s wedding cufflinks here from Splendiferous 

Venue Decorations for Weddings & Events

Transform any wedding or event by using venue decorations. There are many venue decorations that you can use to transform plain and outdated venues and turn them into somewhere stunning.

fabric material for venue decorations, venue swagging, backdrops

Organza fabric for chair and venue decorating.

You can use silky satin fabric and organza fabric to decorate walls and create swags around the venue. You can also create your own back drops using fabric. This is a good way to completely change the look for the venue and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Spandex chair covers are other venue decorations for wedding receptions and events that you can use. These are a very simple way of decorating a wedding venue, but they can make a big different. We sell nine different colours of spandex banquet chair covers to cater for different colour schemes. Our range of colours will also be expanding soon. Chair covers can be used on their own, or you can add an organza chair bow to the chairs as well which will create the perfect finishing touch. You could also make your own chair accessories and decorations using our splendiferous fabric.

We will also be selling tall 1.5 metre metal postboxes. These are practical venue decorations for wedding receptions. Guests can leave cards, presents and messages for guests in one of these British wedding postboxes. They will make your venue look great.

We will soon be selling statutes and wedding arches as well. These are big decorations that will add something different to your venue. Wishing trees and birdcages are other decorations that you can use around your venue. You can also sprinkle scatter crystals around your event or wedding venue to add a touch of elegance to the tables.

Have a look at our range of venue decorations for weddings and events here. There will be more coming soon!

Childrens Wedding Ties and Cravats

As wedding specialists, we sell everything that you need for a wedding, not just decorations and accessories. We sell a range of childrens wedding ties, bow ties and cravats. This includes our range of childrens bow ties, ties and cravats and infants / babies ties. These are made smaller to fit children and infants better.

elasticated childrens wedding ties

Various colours of elasticated infant ties

We sell pre-tied babies and childrens wedding ties. It can sometimes be hard to find neckties and formal wear for children and toddlers so we sell ties that are made smaller especially for them. These are elasticated ties so it makes it easier to put on and for children to wear. They have a black elastic neck strap. We sell these in twenty four different colours. All of our ties are made of silky satin and finished to a high quality. We sell the same colour of men’s, children’s and babies ties so that they can all be colour matching. These childrens wedding ties can also be worn for other formal occasions such as christenings.

Our range of pre-tied childrens wedding bow ties also have a silky satin finish. They are pre-tied with an adjustable neck strap for a perfect fit. They come in various colours so that there should be something for every wedding colour scheme. The same colours are available in men and boys bow ties so you can all match. We also sell handkerchiefs / pocket squares and cufflinks to match the bow ties and ties.

If you want something more traditional for a wedding, we sell children’s wedding cravats. These come in 27 colours, the same as the men’s cravats. These cravats are pre-tied. They are smaller than the mens cravats for fit children. They have a silky satin finish and are perfect for weddings. These cravats also match the handkerchiefs and silky satin cufflinks that we sell.

Have a look at our splendiferous infants and childrens wedding ties here.

Wedding Post Boxes

Wedding post boxes can be used as a place for your guests to leave the happy couple cards, vouchers, small presents and post messages if you haven’t got a guest book. We will be selling 1.5 metre metal British post boxes for weddings in ivory and white. These wedding post boxes are made of metal rather than of cardboard which many of the others are made from. They are a practical receiving box for weddings and they also decorate your venue. They will look stunning at any wedding reception. These are made especially for weddings and finished to a high quality.

You can create your own name card to slot into the front with the names of the bride and groom on the front. This is a small finishing touch which will make this decoration personal for your wedding. Receiving post boxes are a great idea so you’re guests have a safe place to leave you cards, vouchers, small presents and messages. Because of the neutral colour of these postboxes, they will fit in with many different colour schemes and themed weddings. It is also something different that not many other people will have used at other weddings before. We will be the only wedding specialists that supplies these full size wedding post boxes.

If you want something other than a post box where guests can leave cards, and vouchers, you could use a large bird cage. Birdcages are a lot smaller than our range of tall wedding post boxes, so they aren’t suitable for presents, however they look pretty and take up less room. We will be selling many different colours of wedding birdcages so you can get one that fits in with your colour scheme. Look out for our new wedding stock that’s coming soon on our website.

Our wedding post boxes will soon be here on our Splendiferous website.

Wedding Planning – Checklist

When you’re planning a wedding, you might not know where to start or when to start. The average engagement length is 18 months which gives you plenty of time to start planning. You might want to get a notepad to make wedding planning easier. You can keep ideas, appointment times and notes in there.

This is our wedding checklist to help you with your wedding planning.

18 months to 9 months before.

  • The first thing you might want to think about is what time of year / season you want to get married in.
  • Set a budget.
  • Think about a approximate date that you’d like to get married.
  • Think about where you’d like to get married; abroad, in a church, wedding reception.
  • Start looking for a venue and book one that you’re happy with.
  • Hire a wedding planner if you wish to help you with all of your wedding planning.
  • Plan roughly how big your wedding is going to be with a estimate number of guests. This should help you to plan your venue and set a budget.
  • Arrange how big your bridal party is going to be and who’s going to be in it.
  • Ask the people who you want to be in your bridal party and be a part of your big day. This includes bridesmaids, the best man, who’s going to give you away, ushers, page boys etc.
  • Set a date.
  • Set a colour scheme and/or theme for your wedding.
  • You might want to hold a engagement party.
  • Find your perfect wedding dress.
  • Send ‘Save the date cards’ if you wish to notify people of your wedding date.
  • Think about what entertainment you’re going to have; a band, performer, a DJ etc.
  • Also think about a florist. Alternatively, you can buy artificial flowers for bouquets and table decorations.

Eight Months Before

  • Find a photographer for you big day to capture your big day.
  • Book the entertainment.
  • Find caterers for your wedding meal and to make your wedding cake.
  • Find someone to make your wedding cake, and get ideas of what you want your wedding cake to look like. You might even want to think about having a cake alternative such as a cupcake tower instead.

Six Months Before

  • Buy bridesmaid dresses.
  • Plan a honeymoon. Check that you both have passports that are in date if you’re planning to travel abroad.
  • Meet the registrar.
  • Think about decorations for your venue. You might want spandex chair covers, fabric, lighting etc. We have a range of venue decorations here on our Splendiferous online wedding shop website.
  • Get outfits for the groom, best man, and ushers.
  • Book a florist if you’re going to use fresh flowers.

Four Months Before

  • Set a menu for your wedding reception.
  • Send out wedding invitations. You might want to use email wedding invitations to make wedding planning easier and help to keep your costs down.
  • Shop for outfits for the groom, best man, father of the bride outfits. We sell a range of cravats, ties and bow ties which are perfect for weddings.
  • Order a wedding cake.
  • Arrange wedding transportation.
  • Shopping for bridal accessories such as bridal jewellery, hand bags, wedding tiaras.
  • Go for wedding dress fittings and alterations.
  • Think about hen party ideas and stag party ideas.
  • Send out invitations for the hen and stag party if you wish.

Three Months Before

  • Get wedding favours for your guests.
  • Go on your hen and stag party.
  • Finalise readings and vows.
  • Go shopping for wedding rings
  • Send out wedding invitations. You might want to use email wedding invitations to make wedding planning easier and help to keep your costs down.

Two Months Before

  • Set an order for the wedding ceremony.
  • Choose wedding songs and music
  • Enjoy your hen and stag party.
  • Check that everyone has sent you a R.S.V.P so you know who’s coming and who isn’t.
  • Have a hair and makeup trial.
  • Get decorations for the wedding. This  is one of the most important parts of wedding planning as your venue will need to look perfect. This includes all of your table decorations, name cards, post boxes etc.
  • Get a guestbook so your guest can write you messages.

One Month Before

  • Check that you have a marriage licence
  • You might want to have a reherseal of the wedding
  • Have your last wedding dress fitting.
  • Confirm bookings, and times of all suppliers.
  • Purchase wedding gifts for the bridesmaids / best man.
  • Create a table plan of who is going to sit where.

One Week Before

  • Write out table name cards
  • Pick up your wedding dress
  • Check that the decorations including favours, name cards and seating plan will be set up by someone.
  • Pack for your honeymoon
  • Relax

Enjoy your married life!

Table Centrepieces

As your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, you will want it to be how you’ve planned and dreamed of. Table centrepieces can create an atmosphere and make your wedding reception look great. There are many different table decoration centrepieces that you can get. Table centrepieces are a focus point on the tables which make them stand out. You can even make your own table centrepieces or decorate them. You can use table centrepieces to show your own interests and style and use them to reflect your personality and the theme of your wedding. Whether you want contemporary, vintage, retro or simple centrepieces, we will have something for you. Our centrepieces and decorations are high quality but affordable.

Candleabras are elegant table centrepieces that will create a romantic atmosphere on each table. There are many different styles of candleabras to choose from. You can also use candles on your wedding tables by using tealight candles and candle bags. Tea light candles can be used around your venue and on each of the tables either on their own or in a birdcage. You could use ribbon to tie around candle holders for extra decorations.

vintage wedding table centrepieces birdcageBirdcages are popular wedding table centrepieces. You can also hang them around your venue or outside from branches. Wedding birdcages can be filled with flowers, either fresh or artificial, candles, petals, confectionery or photos.

Flower arrangements are common table centrepieces for weddings. We also sell artificial flowers in a variety of colours. This is so we can cater for a wide variety of colour schemes. You can also keep them after your wedding and use them as decorations in your home. Artificial flower arrangements are also more cost effective than fresh flowers.

Wishing trees are other table centrepieces that you can use. These are stunning wedding reception decorations. You can put them on your tables and around your wedding reception how they are, or you can decorate them with fairy lights, ribbon, or even small pictures.

Have a look at our splendiferous table centrepieces here.

Event and Wedding Supplier

wedding specialists event and wedding supplierSplendiferous Weddings is an online wedding shop where wedding planners and newly engaged couples can come to get their wedding supplies.
Whether you’re getting married yourself, going to a wedding or planning a wedding for
someone else, we are sure that we will have wedding decorations and accessories that are just right for you. We also have a ‘Shop by Colour’ section so planning your wedding and event with a set colour scheme can be made easy. We have a wide variety of colours to choose from.

As a wedding or event organiser, you will need to know a event and wedding supplier to get banquet chair covers, venue decorations, party bags, favour bags and table decorations so you can use them for many events and weddings. You can hire them out to clients, or you might need to get specific items for an event. We can supply all of these to you, but at a cheaper price. If you need a wholesale wedding supplier for wedding goods or event products then look no further. We are a retail and wholesale website for weddings. We have a wide range of wedding supplies. These include wedding arches, centrepieces, venue statutes and many more products.

If you are a wedding planner or an events organiser, we can offer you discounts for buying in bulk and buying from us on a regular basis. Sign up for a Trade Account if you’re a wholesale buyer. It is easy to become a splendiferous trade member. You need to have a wedding or event company and a website. Each wholesale trade account will have the discount set individually depending on the amount bought and how regularly you buy from us. The more you use us as your event or wedding supplier, the more money you will save.

Please contact us if you are a wedding planner or an event organiser and would like to know more about our wholesale prices and a trade account.

Chair Accessories for Weddings & Events

As wedding specialists, we supply a range of decorations that can transform venues for weddings and events. Chair accessories for weddings and events are an easy way to decorate a venue and make it look fantastic. We sell spandex wedding chair covers and chair bows.

white, black, ivory, pink, spandex chair covers chair accessories for weddings

Spandex banquet chair covers can transform the look of your venue.

Spandex wedding chair covers come in nine different colours. Our range of colours will soon be expanding. Our spandex chair covers are straight at the front, they are not arched. They have feet pockets so they can stay on the chairs without slipping off. These chair accessories are a great and simple way to transform any venue. Our range of chair covers for weddings and events will also be expanding. We will soon be selling ruffled chair covers. These chair accessories for weddings and events look great on their own because of their ruffled pattern. You can add a chair bow though for a finishing touch.

We will also be selling chair bows. These chair accessories for weddings and events go well with spandex chair covers. We will have two different types of chair bows; satin chair bows and organza chair bows. Both of these will be in a variety of colours to cater for weddings with different colour schemes.

You could also make your own chair accessories for wedding and events with our organza fabric rolls. You can make your own chair bows and decorations for chairs to make them look just the way that you want. Choose from 5 metre, 10 metre or 25 metre rolls. We have many different colours of organza fabric in the three different sizes. This is so wedding and event planning is easier as you can find a colour to match your colour scheme. You could also create your own chair accessories for wedding and events by using silky satin fabric. You might even want to create your own chair covers using this fabric.

Have a look at our splendiferous chair accessories for weddings and events here.

Online Wedding Shop

Splendiferous weddings is a new online wedding shop, selling and supplying you with everything that you need for a wedding or an event. We specialise in wedding goods such as spandex chair covers, venue decorations, table decorations, outfits and accessories including wedding and bridesmaid dresses, favours and hen and stag party items.

Splendiferous is the only online wedding shop that you need to visit when planning a wedding, as we will sell everything that you need all in one place. It is a convenient website selling all the wedding essentials and decorates you need to create a beautiful wedding. Use out splendiferous products to create your dream wedding that you have always wanted. All of our products are competitive and affordable. This means that you can plan your wedding without going over your budget. You can get your perfect wedding for cheaper than what you might have planned to. This doesn’t mean that you have to comprise the price with the quality of the products you will receive. All of our products are good quality products that look great.

Shopping for your wedding on our online wedding shop is easy. We have a feature called shop by colour. If you have a set colour scheme then you can browse through our products that only match that colour. This is to make planning your wedding or event easier. You might also want to browse through our online wedding shop to get ideas and inspirations for wedding and event planning. Our online wedding shop will also be selling party good soon including bunting, fancy dress and party poppers to cater for all of your party needs.

We also have a free wedding invitation app which allows you to customise wedding invitations and email them out to your guests for free. This is a useful tool which can help you save time and money when planning your wedding.

We are a UK online wedding shop. Our warehouse in based in the UK but we do ship to Ireland and some parts of Europe.

Browse through our Splendiferous online wedding shop here.