Watering Can Favour Pails for Weddings

We have new fun favours in stock at Splendiferous Weddings. These are miniature watering can favour pails that can be used at your wedding, or party. You can use these watering can pails for wedding favours or party favours. You can fill them with confectionery, mini flowers, tea light candles or other small gifts for your guests. You can also decorate them with ribbon. These are fun alternative favours that you can use instead of organza bags or other favour boxes/ bags.

watering can favour pailsThese mini watering can pails come in four different colours. The colours are; hot pink, lavender, unpainted silver and white. These are great for outdoor themed weddings. You can also put these mini watering cans outside in your own garden for decorations. These mini watering can favour pails cannot pour as they are only for decoration. They can be used to add decoration to your wedding tables. As well as watering can favour pails, we also sell a range of miniature bucket favour pails. These are also made of metal like the watering cans. We sell eight different colours of plain wedding favour pails, and four different colours of favour pails with a cut out heart design. Choose a colour to match your wedding colour theme or you could choose a different colour for each of your guests or tables. You can also use these around your house for organising and storing objects in.

Thank your wedding guests with something fun and unique. To take a look at our range of watering can favour pails, click here.

At Splendiferous, we are wedding specialists that have everything that you need for your big day. Visit our online shop for our full range of favours, table decorations, venue decorations, mens and boys wedding cravats and ties, bridal accessories, cake decorations and more.

New cravat colours – Splendiferous

We now have a bigger colour range of men and boys wedding cravats. Our boys wedding cravats are made smaller, especially for children so that they fit better. We also sell matching cufflinks, handkerchiefs. If you choose to wear something other than a cravat, we have a wide selections of neckties. This includes mens and childrens bow ties, mens ties, childrens ties and babies ties all in the same matching colours. This means that everyone in the grooms party can have matching accessories, whatever age they are. As wedding specialists, we try to make planning your wedding easier by selling everything you need all in one place.

mens and childrens wedding cravats

Some of our new coloured cravats.

Cravats are traditionally worn for weddings. Our cravats are pre-tied and made from  silky satin fabric. We sell mens and boys cravats on their own. We also sell mens cravat sets which includes a pair of silky satin cufflinks and a handkerchief / pocket square in the same colour. These are perfect finishing touches for any suit.

Some of our new colours include; gold, purple, turquoise, bottle green, baby blue, bright yellow and a few more. You should easily be bale to find a cravat in the colour you want. We have a wide range of colours so you can find the perfect wedding cravat to match your colour scheme. You can get them to match bridesmaid dresses, chair accessories such as chair covers or sashes, table decorations, and your wedding stationery.

Visit our online wedding shop for our full range of cravats, cufflinks, bow ties, neck ties, bridal accessories, venue decorations, table decorations, favours and much more. All of our products are affordable, so you don’t have to break your budget to have the perfect wedding that you’ve always wanted.

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Uses of Spandex Chair Covers

Spandex chair covers have many uses. They can be used to decorate old, plain chairs that look boring and transform them into beautifully decorated chairs. They can make a big change to the look of any venue whether its for a wedding, christening, party, banquet or for using around your home. Spandex chair covers are great because they can stretch to fit a range of banqueting chairs. They also have reinforced feet pockets so you can secure them to your chairs properly for a perfect fit. We sell nineteen different colours of spandex chair covers. This includes our metallic gold and metallic silver spandex chair covers.

Spandex chair covers could also be used around your house. You might want to use them on dining chairs to cover them for an event such as a party or for a family christmas meal. You can also use them to cover up old, outdated chairs instead or buying new ones.

coloured spandex chair covers for weddings and eventsAs wedding specialists, we have a wide range of colours to cater for many different themes and colour schemes. White and ivory chair covers are perfect chair covers for weddings. You might choose to have a different colour of chair covers to match your wedding colour theme. You can also use your favourite colours to cover chairs for birthday parties. If you are having a business meeting, you might choose to use spandex chair covers to match your companys brand colour. Chair covers can be used for a wide variety of events. Our colours of spandex chair covers include royal blue, cadburys purple, hot pink, yellow, green, gold, silver, gold, red and many more.

Chair covers look great on their own or with some chair sashes. You can dress chair covers up by adding some extra decoration to them. We sell a range of organza chair sashes and satin chair sashes too. You can tie or fold these around your chairs to give them the perfect finishing touch and to transform the look of your venue. These both come in various colours so that you can choose a colour to match your colour scheme.

Visit our Splendiferous online shop to have a look at our range of spandex chair covers for weddings and events.

Wedding Tiaras and Bridal Jewellery

Everything should be perfect on your wedding day. Your wedding dress, the bridal party outfits, the venue, decorations and of course your jewellery including tiaras and accessories. We have a range of sparkling diamanté bridal jewellery all at an affordable price that will make you look great on your wedding day. Our collection of bridal jewellery can also be worn for proms and other special occasions such as parties.

bridal jewellery and prom wedding tiaras

Comb Slide Tiaras for proms and weddings.

We have a wide range of wedding tiaras and prom tiaras that are perfect and all at an affordable price. We have many different styles of tiaras so you can find something that suits you well. Wedding tiaras can be worn by the bride, bridesmaids, flower girls or for a prom. Our tiaras are silver coloured and have diamanté designs on them. We have comb slide diamanté tiaras. These tiaras have a small comb slide that are used to grip well into your hair. We also have small band wedding tiaras and hair bands.

If you’re looking for a tiara to wear to a prom, then you might be interested in one of our bigger styles of tiaras that will make you stand out. These are taller and are perfect prom tiaras.

Our collection of bridal jewellery includes bracelets, ankle bracelets, stretch rings and chokers. These are all silver coloured and have diamantes on them. They will all match with our range of tiaras to make you look great on your wedding or prom day.

Have a look at our range of bridal jewellery and wedding tiaras here from Splendiferous.

Online Wedding Invitations

At Splendiferous, we now have a free wedding invitation tool which you can use to create your own invitations and save the date cards with. You can choose from one of our designs of invitations or save the date cards and customise it how you want to. Fill in the spaces with your own information, such as the names of the happy couple, the venue and the time. You can customise it by changing the fonts and colours. When you are happy with the way that your wedding invitations look, you can preview it. You can then email these wedding invitations directly to all of your guests. If you want to, you can even print your wedding invitations and send it to guests by post. After you have printed them, you can even add extra decorations to them if you wish, such as flat back crystals or ribbon.

free online wedding invitations uk

This is a completely free online wedding invitation tool.

Online Wedding invitations are a great way of keeping your wedding budget down and saving you money. They are also quick and easy to do. Once you are happy with the way that your invitation looks, you can input all of your guests email address and they will receive the invitation. Using online wedding invitations can save you so much time, and it is an easier way for your guests to respond to your invite.

Click here to create your own splendiferous online wedding invitations for free here.

Organza Favour Bags

organza favour bags, wedding organza bags

Our plain colour range of organza favour bags. We also have splendiferous heart organza bags available.

Organza bags can have many uses. You can use them around your house for storing items such as jewellery. You can also use them as gift bags, party bags and as wedding favour bags. As wedding specialists, we have a wide range of organza bags for you to choose from. We have four different size bags. These are 5cm x 7cm, 7cm x 9cm, 9cm x 12cm and 10cm x 14cm. Choose the bag size you want depending on the size of the favours you’re giving. Each of our organza pouch sizes comes in 15 different plain colours. By supplying many colours it makes it easier for you to find a colour that will match with the rest of your colour scheme.

We also have patterned organza bags. These organza bags have a heart patterned on them. We sell 6 different colours of these bags. Each of these bags have a gold heart pattern on them, with a gold draw string. There is also a white organza bags design which has silver drawstring and has silver hearts. These heart organza bags are great for weddings. They come in two different sizes.
Organza favour bags are traditionally filled with five sugared almonds or other confectionery. You can fill them with other gifts for your guests, or fill them with jewellery. Our organza favour bags come in packs of either 100 or 200. Choose the amount of pouches you want depending on the amount of guests that you have.

Click here to have a look at out range of organza favour bags from Splendiferous.

Wedding Reception Decorations – Post Boxes

Your wedding reception decorations are an important part to your wedding day. They are something that all of your guests will remember about your wedding, so it is important that they look good. There are many different themes and colour schemes you can choose for your big day, and then find decorations to match them.

white ivory british wedding postboxesSome wedding reception decorations can also be practical too. As wedding specialists, we sell full size 1.5m wedding post boxes. These wedding reception decorations are made of metal and come in either white or ivory. These wedding reception decorations look fantastic and they can be used as a place for your guests to leave you cards, messages and small presents. There is a small metal door at the back which opens to allow you to easily remove your items after the big day. There is also a part on the front where you can make your own personalised banner to slot into this space.
These wedding postboxes are British postboxes with the ‘ER’ logo on them, and a gold crown at the top.
Birdcages can also be used instead of a wedding postbox. These are becoming very popular wedding reception decorations, especially for vintage themed weddings. They have many uses. These can also be used as a small receiving box as well as being used for a table centrepiece. They can be hung around your venue. Fill birdcages with confectionery, tea-light candles or flowers.

Artificial flowers are another wedding reception decoration which you can use. These are great because they are made of silky satin fabric. They can be cheaper than using fresh flowers and you can keep them after your big day as a keepsake.
There are many other wedding reception decorations that you can use for your big day. Tabletop confetti and table scatter gems can be used as a finishing touch for your wedding tables.

Visit Splendiferous here to have a look at our full range of wedding reception decorations.

Wedding Birdcage Centrepieces

As wedding specialists, we have a range of table decorations and centrepieces that you can use for your special day. We have many new styles of wedding birdcage centrepieces which can be used to beautifully decorate your wedding tables and your venue.

Wedding birdcage centrepieces can be filled with candles, fresh or artificial flowers, confectionery. Your wedding decorations including your table decorations are going to be something that your guests will remember for a long time, so it is important that they look good. These can also be practical wedding decorations as you can use them as a receiving box as a place where guests can leave you short messages and small cards inside.

coloured wedding birdcage centrepiecesWe have 5 different coloured birdcages. These can be used to match your colour scheme. Our coloured wedding birdcage centrepieces come in fuchsia pink, peach, mint green, cornflower blue and white. These are unique birdcages that have a butterfly design on them. Choose one of these wedding birdcage centrepieces to add some extra colour to your big day.

shabby chic wedding birdcage centrepiecesWe also have a variety of white, off white and shabby chic ivory birdcages in many different shapes and styles. Take a look at our range of splendiferous wedding birdcages to choose one that is just right for you. Bird cages are great for whatever theme wedding you have, especially vintage weddings. Our new range of shabby chic birdcages are perfect for any vintage themed wedding. These birdcages have a decorative pattern along the bottom and the centre of them, with a bird pattern around the outside. These birdcages have a wooden top where you can hang them up around your venue or hang them from trees. These wedding birdcage centrepieces come in round, square and hexagon shaped.

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Wedding Favour Pails

metal wedding favour pails

These coloured favour pails are practical and can be used to decorate your wedding tables.

At Splendiferous, we now sell wedding favour pails. These are mini metal buckets that you can use to fill with small gifts to give to your guests. These are known as wedding favours. You can fill these small wedding favour pails with confectionery. Sugared almonds are traditionally used as wedding favours. You can use other confectionery or tealights in these pails as well.
You can also use these wedding favour pails to decorate your wedding tables. Favours are usually left on your wedding tables for your guests. You can choose a colour of wedding favour pails to match the rest of your wedding table decorations and venue decorations. These are an alternative to organza favour bags. They also have a metal handle so you can use them to hang them to a wishing tree.

We have eight different colours of plain wedding favour pails. The colours include baby blue, light pink, white, yellow, unpainted silver, ivory, violet and lavender. We also have cut out heart favour pails. These are the perfect for weddings. The cut out heart pails come in 3 different colours. These are light pink, silver and white.

The wedding favour pails can be brought in three pack sizes. You can buy a single favour pail, a pack of five or a pack of ten. Choose the amount you want depending on how many guests you have.

These favour pails can also be used parties. You can use them for confectionery and small gifts like wedding favours, or you can use them to hang on sweet trees. You can also use these mini favour pails for holding throwing confetti in, and around your house for storage.

Click here to have a look at our range if metal wedding favour pails from Splendiferous.

Wedding Table Flowers

wedding-table-flowersAt Splendiferous, we now have a range of wedding table flower centrepieces. These flower arrangements are made up of artificial silk flowers. This means that these wedding table flowers can be kept after your special day as a wedding keepsake. You could also place them around your house for decoration.

These wedding table flowers are made of silk roses. Each flower centrepiece is made up of 36 roses, with greenery for added effect. There are seven different colour options. The different colours of roses that we supply include; blue and ivory, cadburys purple and ivory, red and ivory, deep fuchsia and ivory, pink and ivory, white or ivory. We have seven different colour options to cater for many different colour schemes. You can match the colour of your wedding table flowers to the rest of your wedding decorations and outfits. You can use these table centrepieces on their own or with other small decorations. You might want to add rose petals or crystals to your wedding tables as well.

These are gorgeous wedding table decorations. Place them in the centre of each of your tables for a fantastic effect. Using artificial wedding table flowers can save you money. They are affordable and you can keep them forever, rather than having to throw them away after your big day.

These wedding table flowers need to be assembled once you receive them, but they are easy to put together. We have created a picture below showing you instructions of how to put them together. Follow the pictures from left to right to assemble your wedding table flower centrepiece. These will look stunning on each of your wedding tables.
flower instructions

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