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Wedding Bird Cages – Splendiferous

Bird cages can be used at weddings for many different things. You can use them for table centrepieces and venue decorations. You can place them on tables or hang them up using the hoops at the top. Wedding bird cages can be filled with fresh or artificial flowers, candles or confectionery for table decorations.

coloured wedding bird cage centrepiecesBirdcages can also be used as a receiving box. Guests can place cards, vouchers and presents in these. The big bird cages are best for this. If you want a unique receiving box for your wedding, then we have full size British postboxes. These are stunning venue decorations that are made of metal rather than cardboard. Guests can place cards, messages and small presents in these. There is even a place where you can put your own personalised message on the front.

shabby chic wedding birdcage centrepiecesOur wedding bird cages come in many different colours and sizes. We sell round, hexagonal and square birdcages. We sell them in white, peach, fuchsia, mint green, blue, white, ivory, and off-ivory. You can find a colour of birdcages that will go well with your colour scheme. There are many different styles and designs of wedding birdcages that you can choose from. We also sell different sizes so you can find one best for what you want to use it for.

Wedding bird cages can be decorated the way that you want them. You can use ribbon and flat back crystals to decorate them. You can also use them as a different way of hanging pictures up. You can use pegs to hang pictures to the outside.

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