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Cake Decorations

football wedding cake decorations topper

Novelty football cake topper.

We have a splendiferous range of cake decorations and accessories from our one stop wedding shop. These include our cake toppers, cake boxes, cake stands and cake knives. Make cutting the cake a picture perfect moment with one of our cake decorations or accessories.

Wedding cake toppers are the perfect finishing touch to add to the top of your wedding cake. Whether you’ve got a traditional tiered wedding cake or cupcake topper, our range of cake toppers are a great way of adding decoration to your wedding cake. They also allow you to express your interests on your wedding cake. We have football cake toppers, shopping cake toppers, fishing cake toppers and many more. Find something that suits you both. We also have romantic cake toppers too! At Splendiferous, we have same sex cake toppers to for civil ceremonies and marriages. Cake toppers can be used around your venue for decoration. They’re not just cake decorations. You can place one of our splendiferous cake topper figures on a table with your guests book.

Cake boxes are handy accessories to have. These allow your guests to take a slice of cake home with them instead of having to eat it right away. We will soon be selling different colours and designs so you can find something for your wedding theme.

Cake stands are great cake decorations. They make your wedding cake stand out. They can make a big impact on your wedding cake.

Cake knives are practical wedding cake accessories. These can be given to the happy couple as a gift.
All of our cake decorations and accessories are sold at an affordable price. Our products are all high quality too!

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New Wedding Cake Toppers

We have a few new novelty wedding cake decorations for you to choose from. Cake toppers are a great way to add an extra finishing touch to your cake. They can also be used to reflect the happy couples personalities and interests. Our cake toppers are hand made and hand painted.

football wedding cake topper

Novelty football cake topper.

One of our new novelty wedding cake toppers is this football cake topper. It features the bride dresses up for her big day in her wedding dress holding a bouquet, while the groom is dresses in football shorts, football boots and a shirt and tie. He is playing with a football. This is a funny wedding cake topper that is perfect for any couple with a interest in football.

novelty hugging wedding cake toppersAnother new wedding cake topper we have in stock is this cake topper featuring the groom hugging the bride from behind. She is wearing a white wedding dress holding a bouquet of flowers. The groom is dressed in a suit. This romantic cake topper will make any cake topper look elegant.

wedding cake topper decorationThis is another one of our new wedding cake toppers. The groom is carrying the bride in her arms. They are both looking into each others arms and smiling. You can see the bride has her hair up with a flower in her hair. She is wearing white shoes with a heel.

dancing couple wedding cake toppers decorationThis is our other new wedding cake toppers that you can use to decorate your wedding cake of cupcake tower. This cake topper is of the bride and groom happily dancing on their wedding day. The bride is wearing a plain white wedding dress with a coloured waistband, and the groom is dressed in a suit.

Have a closer look at our new wedding cake toppers here from Splendiferous.