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Ruffled Chair Covers – Seat Covers

As wedding specialists, we supply everything you need to make your big day perfect. This includes bridesmaid and wedding dresses, cake decorations, table decorations and favours. We also have many venue decoration items that are not only for weddings, but for banquet events and parties too. We have a new range of white ruffled chair covers.

white ruffled chair covers

These beautiful white ruffled chair covers can make a big difference to any venue.

white ruffled seat covers uk, essex

These ruffled seat covers have a unique ruffled pattern down the back.

These are beautiful chair covers that have a ruffled pattern all down the back of the chair. They are a simple way of adding extra decoration to your venue. They’re not even that expensive either! Chair covers can transform any plain, boring venue and bring it to life. These white ruffled chair covers are made of spandex lycra  so they can stretch to fit different chair sizes. They will fit most banquet chairs.

Our white ruffled spandex seat covers look great on their own, without the need for adding chair sashes. However, we do stock a wide range of satin and organza chair sashes if wanted. They are very easy to use, just stretch to fit over your chair. These chair covers are perfect for weddings. They come in many different pack sizes so you can choose the amount you want depending on the amount of guests you have.
These unique chair covers are a great way of decorating your venue. We also sell plain chair colours at Splendiferous. We have a wide range of colours to choose from. Find something that will match with your event colour scheme. Our colour range also includes our metallic gold and silver spandex seat covers.

To view our range of splendiferous ruffled chair covers, click here.