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Wedding Birdcage Table Decorations

As wedding specialists, we have a wide variety of birdcage table decorations that can be used for your wedding or events. Birdcages can be used for many different themed weddings and make any of your tables stand out. These birdcage centrepieces can be filled with fresh or artificial flowers, candles, confectionery, petals and many other items. Place one of these wedding birdcage table decorations to make wedding decorations that will wow your guests and make them remember your wedding. Use our birdcage table decorations at your wedding for an enchanted touch.

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Birdcages aren’t just table decorations, that can be placed all around your venue. Our birdcages have a hoop at the top which allows you to hag them up. You can place them outside or on your table with your guest book to decorate your venue. You can also use these centrepieces as a receiving box for cards and messages.

We have a wide range of birdcage centrepieces that you can use. We have white, ivory, off ivory, peach, fuchsia, cornflower, peach and mint coloured birdcages. We have lots of different styles and designs to choose from. Our birdcages come in different shapes such as round, egg-shaped, square, and hexagonal. Our birdcages come in different sizes too! you can get small birdcage table decorations or large ones, depending on the size of your tables or where they will be placed. At Splendiferous, we have many beautiful birdcage centrepieces that you can use, and all for an affordable price.

You can even decorate your bird cages yourself to add your own special touch to them and personalise them for each tables. You can use flat back crystals, satin ribbon and grosgrain ribbon that you can use to decorate them.

Visit our Splendiferous Weddings website here to take a look at our beautiful birdcage table decorations that we have to offer.