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Wedding Cravats

Splendiferous Weddings is an online, one stop wedding shop selling everything that you need for you big day. We are wedding specialists. We have a wide range of table decorations and venue decorations including spandex chair covers, chair sashes, and centrepieces. We also sell a range of wedding favours, gifts and bridal wear accessories including bridal jewellery and underskirts, and mens accessories such as wedding cravats, ties, bow ties, handkerchiefs and cufflinks.

When planning your wedding, you might decide to have matching wedding cravats or ties that match the rest of your wedding colour scheme. At Splendiferous, we have many different colours of cravats that are perfect for a wedding. We sell mens and childrens cravats. These are made smaller especially to fit boys. This means that whether there are adults or children in the bridal party, you can all have matching cravats.

mens and boys wedding cravats

Here is a few of our colours of cravats that we sell from Splendiferous.

All of are wedding cravats are pre-tied for ease. They are high quality cravats made of silky satin fabric and they are affordable. There is a wide range of colours to choose from. Our colour range includes popular colours such as cadburys purple, red, ivory, neon green and many more. We have thirty-six colours to choose from. To go with our cravats, we also have matching satin cufflinks and handkerchief pocket squares. You can buy these separately, or buy a mens cravat set which will include all three.

Visit Splendiferous – The one stop wedding shop today, to browse through our collection of wedding cravats as well as many other essentials needed for your big day.

Splendiferous isn’t just for engaged couples. If your are a wedding or events planner then we have many accessories and decorations that you can use to hire out to clients. If your a going to a wedding, then we also have gifts available for the happy couple.

Wedding Ties

Finding matching outfits for all of the men in the bridal party can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you need to find outfits for children. At Splendiferous, we sell a wide variety of neck ties with smaller variations for children.

We have a range of neck ties for weddings. We sell standard wedding ties, thinner skinny ties,

mens wedding ties

A range of skinny mens ties

children’s wedding ties, and baby / infant wedding ties in silky satin material, all in matching colours. The children’s and the babies ties are pre-tied with elasticated neck straps to make it easier to put on. They are made smaller to fit children, toddlers and infants better. These neckties can be worn for any occasion, not just for weddings.

We sell a range of woven ties which are very high quality ties. These have matching woven coloured cufflinks with them. These woven ties are also great for other formal occasions.

If you want bow ties for your wedding, then we also sell matching men and boys pre-tied bow ties. These are finished to a high quality from silky satin material, and they are available in 17 different colours. The boys bows ties are made smaller to fit children better.

Cravats are traditionally worn at weddings. If you want a cravat for your wedding, we also sell matching boys and men’s pre-tied cravats. These are made of silky satin and are perfect for weddings. They come in a variety of colours. We sell matching coloured cufflinks and hankies as well if you want some extra accessories.

embroidered wedding ties

Mens embroidered wedding ties

We also sell nine different colours of embroidered wedding ties. These are lovely high quality ties with an embroidered pattern on them. These are perfect ties for weddings.

Have a look at our wide range of wedding ties here at Splendiferous.

Boy’s Wedding Cravats

boys wedding cravatsWhen you’re getting married, the outfits for the big day are usually at the top of most peoples list of things to do. However, smaller details such as boys cravats can be forgotten about until the last minute and it can be a struggle to find something just right for your wedding. Sometimes it can be hard to find matching outfits for the bridal party, especially when you are looking for men and boy’s wedding cravats that are the same colour. It can also be hard to find cravats for boys that are the right size, that’s why we supply boy’s wedding cravats that are made slightly smaller than the men’s cravats. These are perfect for any boys to wear at a wedding.

At Splendiferous, we sell a range of men’s and boy’s wedding cravats in 27 matching colours to match your wedding colour scheme. Our colour range includes black, white, ivory, silver, gold and various shades of greens, blues, oranges, pinks and purples . We also sell cufflinks and handkerchiefs in the same 27 colours, and from the same fabric. All of our boy’s wedding cravats are pre-tied as well, which makes it easier and quicker to put on.

All of our boy’s wedding cravats are made of high quality silky satin fabric, yet the price doesn’t reflect this. At Splendiferous, we know that weddings can be expensive, so all of our products are at an affordable price. You shouldn’t have to pay a lot of money to get good quality products.

Whether you want the groom, the best man, father of the bride and groom, ushers or pageboys to have matching wedding cravats, you can get them all from our online wedding shop at www.splendiferousweddings.com, without having to worry about having cravats that are too big for boys. These boy’s wedding cravats aren’t just for the bridal party though, they are great for any boy who is attending a wedding.

We also sell a range of boy’s pre-tied elasticated ties, and pre-tied boys bow ties. These are also made smaller especially for boys. These can be worn to weddings as an alternative to boys wedding cravats. They can also be used for other formal occasions. Both of these products are available in various colours. Find boys accessories that suit your wedding colour scheme at www.splendiferousweddings.com.