We supply good priced organza rolls and silky polysatin fabric. Our range will be soon increasing to include tulle, taffeta, chiffon and dutchess satin. Fabrics have many uses including general craft uses. 
You can use our silky poly-satin for dress making. You can make wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and prom dresses. You can also use it for decorating venues. You can use it as a backdrop or drape it around your venue to transform it into something beautiful. We have many different colours of this fabric. It is brought by one metre lengths. If you order more than one metre then it will come as a continous piece.
Organza fabric can be used to create your own favour bags. You can also use in on your wedding tables as a table runner. You might also use it for decorating venues, the same way that silky poly satin fabric can be used. Another use of this fabric is to make your own chair bows. These look great, especially when using spandex wedding chair covers. Organza fabric can be brought in 5 metre, 10 metre or 25 metre rolls. Our range of fabric is available in various colours.